Blog Post 7; Racial Politics

November 4th, 2008 was a day that has gone down in history, as an African American with the name of Barack Obama, was named the 44th president of the United States. Many Americans believed that with Obamas presidency, it would lead to a lesser significance on race within our country. On the other hand, many others believed his presidency would only lead to a more racially intense situation.

Although the election of an African American to presidency was a good thing at the time, I can’t help but think that it has made things worse within the United States. Obama is a great president, but I tend to think that the voters who voted for him, only voted for him because he was of color. If Americans thought that one man could “cure” racism within our country, they are wrong. Every American needs to change, racism will always linger within our society if we push it into the back of our minds.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 5.36.55 PM

The initial picture is Barack Obama, who has served in the office for almost two terms come this January. He has done a lot of great things for this country, but over the years racism has become more prevalent since he was elected. The second picture portrays the number of mass shootings within the United States under the last 5 presidents. The greatest number of mass shootings has occurred under Barack Obama, and I don’t think it is any coincidence.

According to,, there has been a six fold increase in the number of mass shootings from the eight years of presidency of Bush Jr. to the seven years for Obama. Since Obama, we have more gun laws than ever before, there are even places described as “gun-free zones”, and this is where most of the mass shootings have occurred. Many people like to think that there have been more “crazy” people within our society, and although growing up in this world is difficult, I do not think that this is the reason for the dramatic increase in shootings. Although difficult to admit, I believe that there has been such a dramatic increase with mass shootings under Obama because of racism. A prime example would be when a white individual stormed into a black church and killed everyone inside. Everyone who knew the kid made sure that everyone knew that he was not racist, but why did he target a church full of colored individuals?

Among racism within the States, I think there have been more problems with shootings because of Obamas decisions. There is no doubt that Obamas decisions were made in order to protect our country and our soldiers. When Bin Ladin was shot and killed by our military, he ordered this to be done so that we as a country could feel safe. But now, we are paying for it because of ISIS and many other angry individuals. Many tend to think that ISIS is not in the United States, but they need to realize that they are and that they are everywhere. The decisions Obama has made over in the middle east are coming back to haunt us, and this is another reason there has been that huge increase in shootings. Obama is so passionate about the U.S. that he would do anything in his power to protect it, and a lot of Americans do not see it that way. If anything goes wrong in this country, many people reside in saying “it is Obamas fault” or “thanks Obama”. Yet why do we say this? Obama would not have sent troops over to kill Bin Laden if he hadn’t done something to our country or to our people. A lot of people like to blame Obama because of his skin color, but how does that help when we thought his presidency would help end racism and racial injustice?

There is no doubt that Obama has been a great president for our country and it is unfortunate that society and politics have responded in the way that they have during his time in office. If Obama has caused so many problems for us, then why did we elect him for a second term? Anything he has ever done for this country was only in order to improve it. Not one man, not even the president, is able to put an end to racism. It is a shame that we put that kind of pressure on a man who is trying to improve health care, improve jobs, create more jobs, decrease poverty, etc. People may be upset that Obama has not eradicated racism, but its not like everyone will listen to what he says. If we want to end racism and racial injustice, we must first look at ourselves.