Blog Post 6; Black Lives Matter

Within the United States, there has been a re-occuring conflict among police brutality of white police officers and black individuals. In turn, this has caused a mass movement among the black population called, ‘Black Lives Matter’. Although most black individuals want nothing but racial peace, this movement and police brutality has brought about a lot of controversy.

I would initially like to explain what the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement is all about. This movement is a response to the anti-Black racism that lingers within our society, according to, This movement was created after the death of a black teenager with the name of Trayvon Martin; Trayvon was murdered by a white security guard. It was at this time that many black people realized that they were/are a profiled race and are not treated the same. Black Lives Matter’ was not brought about in order to promote riots or unlawful actions. Instead, it was created to centralize the facts around powerless black individuals who feel deprived of their rights as a human.


Above are a couple examples of pictures from the Black Lives Matter’ movement. The first picture shows many black individuals, and some white people, promoting the movement to diminish racial injustice. The second picture shows the opinions between black and white lives. It is true that some white individuals think that their lives are more valuable than those of blacks or minorities. It is also true that many black individuals feel deprived of their human rights and dignity when presented in the eyes of society and in-particular, the law. If only it was as easy as setting aside peoples opinions and judgements, the world would be a much better place. But, as long as we hold onto the past and continue to racially profile individuals, things will never improve, but only get worse.

Although many things have brought racial injustice to light, the biggest cause would be police brutality. It has been evident over the last couple of years that police brutality has been common among black individuals and white police officers. This re-occuring problem has led people to think that the United States is a place of racism. Although some police officers may target black individuals more than white individuals, I do not think that all police officers are “pigs” or racists. Yes, some police officers show more violence when dealing with blacks, yes some police officers are racist, but why do we let this define every white individual within law enforcement?

If law enforcement was not there to protect us, all of us, there would be no law enforcement. I do not think that police officers are our biggest problem, I believe that social media is. Whenever I am on social media, I am constantly seeing videos being shared that show white cops arresting black individuals for no reason other than that they are of color. Examples of this can be seen here, How can we draw conclusions from a 30 second video from these sites? We do not know why the cop did what he/she did, 95% of the time it is because the cop needed to, not because they wanted to.

In no way am I saying that there is not police brutality among white police officers and black individuals, because there is. But, I think that social media makes these situations seem 100 times worse than what they really are. Especially in todays society, many peoples perceptions and opinions are swayed by what is shared on social media. It is important to see that black individuals are standing up for what they believe in and are trying to better their lives here in the United States. Racism is still very prevalent here in the States and the only way to diminish that is to believe in your own perception of the world, and not let social media lead you to believe something else.




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